Happy Pi Day

pi-1453836_640Okay, pop quiz.  How much is 2 + 2?

If you said 4, hug a math teacher.

If you said something else, steer clear of math teachers instead.  And hire someone else to do your taxes.

My wife has been a math teacher — and a darn good one — for more than three decades. In honor of math teachers everywhere, therefore, I wrote the following poem in celebration of “Pi Day” (3.14 = 3/14).

Math geeks, enjoy.

The Life of π

To those who sit and wonder why
The stars remain to grace the sky,
Or why the oceans rage and boil,
Or how new life springs from the soil,
I offer this compelling thought:
Your philosophies are all for naught.
For number rules the universe,
And all the wise will strive at first
To ponder not how eagles fly,
But squares of circles’ radii.
O, contemplate the life of π!
Circumferential measurement
With diametric fundament
Define its living legacy
Of mathematic constancy.
Irrational as it may be,
We dabble in infinity
To muse on our numeric friend—
For π begins but has no end.
O, to make that number mine!
No other starts off quite as fine
As 3.14159.

7 thoughts on “Happy Pi Day

    1. Yes, that’s me. When the kids were young, we’d sometimes sit in the living room together, pick a theme, and each of us would write a poem and then read it aloud. This isn’t one of the themes we did, but looking back, it should have been!

  1. In regards to today’s theme, it has been said that pie are squared, no pie are round, cornbread are square. Should i hug my math teacher or someone else.

  2. Well, after all is said and done, being from Wisconsin (GO PACK!) I prefer apple pie with a slice of cheddar cheese.😁

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