Mortals seeking God (Ash Wednesday 2015)

It seems oddly appropriate to be coming into the season of Lent having just returned from my father-in-law’s funeral.  Indeed, there have been numerous losses recently throughout the extended family; these reminders of our mortality come unbidden and unwelcome.

I’m also aware that this post comes sandwiched between reflections on God’s comfort, even though the meditations on 2 Corinthians were written and scheduled well in advance.  A happy coincidence?  An act of sovereignty?  It’s a false choice.  I prefer to think of it as the grace of God that redeems the randomness of our mortal existence, weaving it into the fabric of his intentions.

Thus, I want to thank all those who have been praying for the family, who have received and passed on the comfort of God; it’s a wondrous thing to be part of such a widespread community of faith.   It was on a Thursday that my wife received the news that her father’s passing was imminent.  She was on the plane Friday morning.  The family essentially sat vigil together until the following Tuesday, when his long struggle with Parkinson’s finally came to a quiet end.

Ashes to ashes.  Let us together enter the season of Lent as mortals humbly seeking God in the midst of suffering, with our hope firmly fixed on the day of resurrection.

2 thoughts on “Mortals seeking God (Ash Wednesday 2015)

  1. Cameron,
    Sorry to hear about your father-in law but glad that your family faced such a difficult time together. It makes such a difference. I pray that unity will always be there for you all – in joy, in sorrow and no matter what the circumstances.
    Kathy Daw

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