A communion prayer

I am Judas.  I am the one who has followed you, shared your table, enjoyed your blessings–and yet betrayed you.  I have gone my own way, pursued my own gain, sought my own glory.

I am Peter.  I have denied you to others.  Not in obvious ways, perhaps.  But you know the times when I have feared being pointed out as one who has been with you, and how I have tried to blend in unnoticed, unchallenged. 

I take this bread, not only to remember that your body was broken for me, but to confess that I have had a hand in breaking it.  I take this cup, not only to remember that your blood was spilled for me, but to confess that my betrayal has spilled it. 

But I offer up my confession with open hands, that I might receive your forgiveness in return.  I remember my sins to celebrate a Father who forgets them.  I take this bread and this cup to celebrate my Father’s mercy.  He is the One who rescues me, together with all his children, from bondage.  He is the one that calls us out of a benighted past into a glorious future. 

I am not a slave to the sin that necessitated your death and ours.  You have brought me out of death and into your resurrection life.  You have brought me to this table, this day, with my brothers and sisters, to anticipate the day in which you will come to sit at the table and drink the cup with us once again.

Lord Jesus, forgive my sin and restore me to the fellowship of friends who share a table with love and laughter.  Holy Spirit, unite us as one.  Father, write your law on my heart.  Write it on all of our hearts, that we might live as the covenant people you have redeemed us to be.

Amen, let it be so.