I just want to pause and catch my breath for a moment.

It’s been just about exactly six years since my father died quietly in a hospital bed, from complications related to surgery. About two months after that, I started this blog, using the first post to reflect on his passing.

And now, here we are, 999 posts later.

I don’t know what it is about round numbers that make them different, special. One evening, when the kids were small, I returned home late from work, got them out of bed, bundled them into the car, and drove around the block a couple of times — so we could all ooh and aah as the little dials on the trip odometer rolled up from 99999.9 to 100000.0 miles.

I guess we were all just a bunch of adrenaline junkies.

So: 1000 feels like a milestone, even without the little dials. Thank you, dear readers, for your interest and support. I pray that these posts have served you and our God well.

And I promise, for now at least, to continue writing, as long as God gives me breath to catch.

5 thoughts on “1000

  1. Hi Cameron….Glad to hear you are continuing to write. Your blog is always challenging, insightful, and inspiring.

  2. Congratulations on the worthy milestone made up of 1000 inch pebbles. Your posts serve me well, give me pause, make me think, give me hope and inspiration…all things I hope mean that they serve God well. I believe it to be so. Thank you for your faithfulness. Part of my free throw routine, when I wasn’t so nervous as to forget it, was to take a deep breath and let it out in a blast, then follow it up with a deep breath and slowly let it out as I bounced the ball three times. For the most part, I recommend staying in your routine and it will serve you and God well as you go for a high percentage.

  3. Cameron
    My dad left and went to be with Christ 52 years ago. We wern’t a huggy”
    family, but I can still feel the touch of his rough hands “from hard long hours at several jobs,” on mine. That was love.
    But on a lighter? note. My truck has 99,653 miles on the odometer. It would be my pleasure to have you ride along with me as it crosses over “is that a religious term?” the mileage milestone. Heck your kids can hope into the back seat if they are so inclined. I’ll try to do it during daylight hours.
    Thanks for your daily blog. I really look forward to it.
    Much love
    D C Callow
    My real first name “Darold”
    I never liked that name, but that’s a
    tale for another day.

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