An election day prayer for 2016

election-day-quotesLord, I can’t remember a year in which I have felt as frustrated and discouraged about a presidential election.

I can’t remember when I’ve heard so many people talk about which choice was the lesser of evils, about which character flaw would be least damaging in the person chosen to be the so-called “leader of the free world.”

I can’t remember when I’ve been as concerned about potential abuses of political power.

I can’t remember when I’ve heard so many people threaten to leave the country, even if only in jest.

With and for all of your children here in this country, I pray:

Hosanna: Lord, help us.

Help us to exercise our civic responsibility in a way that fully recognizes and even rejoices in your sovereignty. Teach us to value the privilege of voting without taking the outcome of any election to be either the coming of your kingdom or else Armageddon.

Help us to remember that salvation neither resides in state policy, nor is brought by flawed human beings.

Help us to reach beyond partisan divides, so that we can work together toward justice.

Help us to pray meaningfully and graciously for our leaders, even the ones for whom we did not vote.

Forgive us our sins. You have called us to be salt; too often, we have simply been salty in our words and attitudes. You have called us to be light; too often, we have only generated heat.

Turn our desperation to faith and our arrogance to humility. And above all, show us how to go about our vocation of love in a troubled world and a divided nation. 

Restore to us the joy of our salvation and confidence in your will. May your name be praised always, even after the polls have closed and the results have been tallied.

There is but one King of Kings, and it is in his name we pray.

To the glory of God alone, amen, so be it.