Is Mom your MVP?

Can a person take a break from a break?

Yes, the blog is still on temporary hiatus while I work on other things (I’m happy to report that the book writing is going well — five chapters in six weeks — though I’ve also had some health issues to wrestle with; more on both of these at some later time).  But I wanted to share a video with you for Mother’s Day.

As regular readers would probably guess, I’ve been following the NBA playoffs.  What an unusual, history-making first round: after 4 games in each series, Miami had already swept Charlotte, but no other top 4 team was leading in either the East or the West.  Five of the 8 series went the full 7 games, with lots of overtime periods and last second heroics, unprecedented 4-point plays and improbable circus shots.  What a ride.

Meanwhile, Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder has won his first MVP award.  It’s well-deserved.  One coach praised Durant not only for being a phenomenal athlete, but “a good kid” (he’s 25).  During his acceptance speech, Durant offered this moving and heartfelt tribute to his mother, who struggled as a young single parent to keep food on the table.  She sat in the audience weeping as Durant poured out his thanks and then received a standing ovation from the assembled crowd.

So thank you, moms everywhere, for all you have done and sacrificed for your children.

As for the rest of us: I look forward to the day in which we will know the applause of heaven (borrowing Max Lucado’s phrase) for faithful sacrifices made in God’s name and for his purposes.