Have it your way, part 2

In a recent post, I lamented the loss of one of my favorite salads at a restaurant franchise near my office.  It was something I used to look forward to.  Now, with that item off the menu, I’m less likely to go there to eat.

For some reason, this keeps happening.  Twice more, in fact, just this past week.  That might sound like I eat out a lot, but really, I don’t–and that makes it seem all the more unusual.  (Cue theme from The Twilight Zone.)  I had to stay over in Pasadena a couple of nights this past week for meetings, and decided to have dinner in the restaurant next to the one that axed my former favorite.  This second restaurant also had a salad I particularly enjoyed, and I sat down with happy anticipation.  But after hunting through the menu several times, I had to call the waiter over to confirm the bad news: Nope, sorry, we don’t serve that anymore.

And yesterday, when meeting with a group of men from our church at yet another restaurant, and trying to order yet another salad I had formerly enjoyed, I was told again that it was no longer on the menu.

Is God trying to tell me something?

Surely it’s not that I should stop eating salad.

But I did get the sense that he wanted me to think about this: all this change is probably a response to a sputtering economy, which affects not only the restaurant business, but the church.  Do we think of local churches as places to find our favorite spiritual goods?  And if something we enjoyed gets axed from the menu, will we take our business elsewhere?