Top 10 for 2014

Here are links to the most popular posts for 2014:

  1.  “Money and ministry” (Jan 18-23; link is to part 1 of 4)
  2.  “To spank or not to spank” (Sep 28; spanking and child abuse)
  3.  “What kind of Father is God?” (Aug 10; family transitions)
  4.  “Marriage is not a zero-sum game” (Feb 8; marriage isn’t win/lose)
  5.  “Must women be silent in the church? (part 1)” (Oct 7; 1 Cor 14:34-35)
  6.  “That’s my story and I’m sticking to it” (Oct 12; the characters in our life stories)
  7.  “Pray for SPU” (Jun 8; school shootings, violence, mental illness)
  8.  “Just call me Dad” (Jun 15; Father’s Day)
  9.  “A Frozen treat” (Apr 19; review of Disney’s Frozen)
  10.  “…in with the new” (Jan 1; meditation on the new year)

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